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1                    GENERAL..... 2

2                    BIDDING PROCEDURE 2

3                    HOST COMMITTEE. 3

4                    GENERAL..... 3

5                    HOST COMMITTEE STRUCTURE 3




9                    Financial Policy..... 8

10               ELECTION OF OFFICERS..... 8






1.      The Canada Atlantic Region of Narcotics Anonymous (C.A R.N.A.) through the Convention Host Committee manages the Canada Atlantic Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous (C.A.R.C.N.A.).

2.      The Canada Atlantic Regional Convention is responsible to the Canada Atlantic Regional Service Committee

3.      The Canada Atlantic Regional Convention is only to be held within the service boundaries of the R.S.C.

4.      Convention Speakers;

§         Efforts are to be made so that topic speakers represent as many Canada Atlantic Areas as possible.

§         Funding for the travel expenses of the speakers will be at the discretion of the host committee.

5.      Between meetings of the R.S.C. the R.S.C. Administrative subcommittee, and the Convention Host Committee Chairperson, shall act as the Convention Executive Committee whose functions are;

§         To meet on the same day as the R.S.C.

§         To receive monthly reports from the Convention Host Committee

§         To have authority to act on behalf of The R.S.C. regarding all issues that might jeopardize the success of the Convention.



 The Canada Atlantic Convention is awarded through the following bidding process:


1.      Bids must be from an Area Service Committee within the CARNA Service Boundary.

2.      The Area must have held or hosted area or regional events previously and those committee members should be encouraged to be on the Bid Committee.

3.      The committee bidding for the Canada Atlantic Convention must have a letter of support for their bid from their A.S.C.

4.      The bid must be accompanied by a history of N.A. events in that Area.

5.      The Bid Committee must provide a letter explaining the qualifications of principal committee members, this letter shall include the name and service resume of the Host committee Chairperson.

6.      The Bid Committee must provide written information from the convention facilities where the Canada Atlantic Regional Convention would be held; the offer must contain figures on room rates, banquet rates, coffee rates, and other financial information which may be useful in understanding the bid.

7.      Bids in compliance with the aforementioned requirements must be submitted to The R.S.C., Fourteen Months prior to the date the Convention is to be held.




1.      Throughout the planning and execution of a regional convention the host committee shall not take any action that conflicts with;

§         The current edition of these guidelines;

§         Current R.S.C. policy;

§         The current edition of the Convention Handbook, or;

§         The Twelve Concepts for N.A. Service ;

2.      The Host Committee is formed in the Area that is awarded the Convention after its bid has been selected and does most of the actual work of putting together the Convention.

3.      From the time of the formation of a Host Committee until its dissolution, the Host Committee will prepare a report to be read at the RSC by the Host Committee Chairperson. This report shall include;

§         All actions of the host committee, and;

§         An up to date financial report.

4.      The Outgoing Host Committee of C.A.R.C.N.A. is responsible for passing on the left over merchandise to the RSC.


1.      1      Administrative     

The administration of the host committee shall be made up of a;

§         Chairperson

§         Vice-Chairperson

§         Secretary

§         Treasurer

§         Sub committee chairpersons


2                    Subcommittees

The subcommittees of the host committee shall be;

§         Administration,  whose functions shall be to;

§         Oversee the activities of all other subcommittees

§         Prepare the monthly report to the region

§         Manage the finances to ensure a successful convention

§         Review the final products for flyers, fund raising, and programming

§         Hotels and Hospitality,  whose functions shall be to;

§         Arrange for the convention facilities

§         Arrange any meals, coffee, hospitality

§         Fund-Raising (entertainment) ,  whose functions shall be to;

§         Arrange additional fund raising activities to ensure a successful convention

§         Arrange for any Arts & Graphics

§         Arrange for any merchandizing

§         Registration,  whose functions shall be to;

§         Arrange for the pre-registration

§         Arrange for on-site registration

§         Distribution of flyers prepared by the Fund Raising committee

§         Arrange for the provision of convention information

§         Programming,  whose functions shall be to;

§         Arrange for the convention program

§         Arrange for breaks

§         Arrange for Convention theme

§         Arrange for convention speakers



The responsibilities of the Host Committee’s Administrative Subcommittee shall be;

1.      1    The Host Committee’s Administrative Subcommittee carries out   (executes) the conscience of the overall committee.  It functions as the administrative committee of the Convention and holds separate periodic and special subcommittee meetings.  Its function is to ensure that the various subcommittees work together and to assist subcommittees, which may need extra help. However, it is not necessary for the Administrative Subcommittee involve itself directly in the specific workings of each subcommittee.   The members of the Executive Committee discuss the performance of sub-committees as well as the convention budget and other matters, which affect the Convention.   The results of these discussions are included in reports at Convention Committee meetings.

1.      2    The Host Committee’s Administrative Subcommittee drafts a schedule of meeting dates for the Convention Committee as soon as possible. This schedule is then approved by the Host Committee and distributed to all members.  It is advisable to choose a particular night on which meetings will be held and schedule all meetings on that night throughout the duration of the planning period.

2.      3    The Host Committee’s Administrative Subcommittee also makes regular monthly reports to the RSC.  Comments and suggestions from the host committee are included in the report. These reports shall include.

§         A list of all host committee actions.

§         An up to date financial statement.


The responsibilities of the Host Committee officers are as follows:


§         Organizes sub-committees and delegates major tasks to specific sub-committees.  Stays informed of the activities of each sub-committee, and provide help when needed.

§         Helps resolve personality conflicts.

§         Keep activities within the principles of the Twelve Concepts and in accordance with the purpose of the Convention.

§         Monitors the fund flow and overall convention costs, and helps organize the sub-committee budgets. Prepares a budget for the Administrative Subcommittee functions.

§         Prevents important questions from being decided prematurely, in order to foster understanding by the entire committee prior to action.

§         Allows the sub-committees to do their jobs while providing guidance and support.  Only major issues need be brought to the Convention Committee meeting.  Sub-committees should be given trust and encouragement to use their own judgement.

§         Prepares the agenda for Convention Committee meetings and Executive Committee meetings.

§         Chairs the Convention Committee meeting as well as the Convention.

§         Authors the monthly reports to the RSC

§         Reviews the monthly report to the Area Service Committee, as prepared by the Vice-Chairperson


§         Serves as a liaison between the sub­committees and the hosting community. Communicates to the local N.A. membership regarding the progress and planning of the convention.

§         Acts as chairperson if the chairperson is unavailable.

§         Co-ordinates sub-committees and attends sub-committee meetings, in order to ensure that they get the necessary support to do a good job.

§         Works closely with the chairperson to delegate responsibilities to subcommittee chairpersons.

§         Makes a report to the hosting (A.S.C.) service committee on the progress of convention planning.

§         Reviews the monthly report to the RSC prepared by the Host Committee Chairperson

§         Prepares the monthly report to the ASC


§         Keeps minutes of all committee meetings and sub-committee reports.

§         Mails minutes to committee members after approval by the Host Committee’s ad-min Committee.   Minutes are mailed out within ten days after the Convention Committee meeting.  An agenda for the next meeting can be attached to the minutes if it will help the committee function.

§         Maintains a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of committee members for committee use.

§         Keeps extra sets of minutes, updated after each committee meeting for members who request a complete set.

§         Assists all committees in mailing and correspondence.

§         Establishes a mailing address for the entire Host Committee

§         Forwards any incoming mail to the appropriate subcommittee


§         Opens a bank account for the Convention Committee that uses the mailing address provided by the Secretary. Usually the signatures required for the account are any two of four signatories, which are the Convention Committee Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  The cards and account information are filled out at the committee meeting.

§         Endorses all cheques along with one other signing officer.

§         Works with the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson to prepare a budget for the convention, which is used for planning and fund-raising activities.  The budget is based on the sub-committees' recommendations on the monies required to carry out a successful convention.   The budget can be a rough estimate at the beginning of the planning, and revised as the convention draws near.

§         When all of the financial needs of the sub­committees are listed and totaled, the income should be outlined: one source of income comes from fund-raisers, and the second from registrations.

§         Writes all cheques and is responsible for collecting receipts from subcommittees for money paid out.

§         Responsible for all monies, including revenues from registration and banquet tickets; pays all bills; and advises the chairperson on cash supply, income flow and rate of expenditures.

§         Reviews sub-committee reports for departures from the financial plan not mentioned in the original budget so that an accurate budget can be maintained.

§         Prepares the Financial report that is attached to the monthly report prepared for the RSC.

Subcommittee Chairpersons

§         To coordinate and execute subcommittee functions

§         To report all subcommittee actions to the Host Convention committee


1.      1      Requirements and qualifications suggested for host committee officers are as follows;

§         A Working knowledge of the Twelve Concepts, Twelve Traditions, and the Twelve Steps, of Narcotics Anonymous.

§         Willingness to give the time and resources necessary

§         Ability to exercise patience and tolerance.

§         Active participation in Narcotics Anonymous.

2.      Additional qualifications are as follows;


§         Four years of continuous abstinence;

§         Demonstrated Stability in local community

§         A demonstrated ability to preside over business meetings;

§         Familiarity with R.S.C.  policies;

§         A working knowledge of convention policies and procedures

§         Previous  Area or Regional activities experience; and

§         Previous A.S.C. or R.S.C. administrative committee experience


§         Three years of continuous abstinence;

§         Demonstrated Stability in local community

§         A demonstrated ability to preside over business meetings;

§         A working knowledge of convention policies and procedures; and

§         Previous  Area activities experience


§         Three years of continuous abstinence; and

§         A demonstrated ability for accurate record keeping

§         Previous experience



§         Three years of continuous abstinence

§         Previous experience handling N.A. funds; and

§         A working knowledge of convention financial policies.

§         Familiarity with R.S.C financial policies (CARNA Policy Handbook Section 12)

Sub-committee Chairpersons

§         Two years of continuous abstinence;

§         A demonstrated ability to preside over business meetings;

§         A working knowledge of convention guidelines; and

§         Related committee experience

Financial Policy


1.      The R.S.C. is financially responsible for C.A.R.C.N.A.  The profit from the convention shall be split between the RSC and the host area according to the following formula: 60% for the RSC and 40% for the host Area.

2.      Each cheque shall require two signatures.

3.      A complete treasurer 's report shall be submitted to the RSC Convention Executive Committee bimonthly

4.      Upon the dispensation of funds the convention executive committee shall audit all financial reports.

5.      The RSC shall make a periodic review of all Host Committee financial records.


1.      The administrative committee of C.A.R.C.N.A. shall be elected by their respective ASC at least 4 RSC meetings prior to the Convention being held.

2.      The Chairperson of C.A.R.C.N.A. will require ratification from the R.S.C. at least 12 months prior to the Convention being held.

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